VicRoads has today announced that 60 agency staff will be converted to ongoing, directly employed positions.

This comes after many months of lobbying by the ASU, starting with meetings with former roads minister Jaala Pulford where ‘in principle’ support was given to our proposal.

With last year’s cabinet reshuffle, Ben Carrol was appointed Minister for Roads and Road Safety, and we continued to lobby his office. Your amazing ASU delegates attended meetings with both ministers where they made our case. We would like to think both ministers for their understanding and their support.

And today that commitment has been locked in.

Full details have been provided in Dean Tillotson’s email earlier today, but the key points are;

  • 60 positions in total will be on offer. We wanted more than this, and we will continue to lobby for more positions, but the funding for this round is limited to 60.
  • The longest serving staff will be given first option. This was a non-negotiable for the ASU. Some staff have been working as agency staff for over a decade, and it is only fair that they were given first option.
  • It is entirely optional. No one will be made to convert, so in the event that a staff member prefers to remain employed by the agency, they are free to do so, and that position will be made available to someone else.
  • The campaign must continue. Agency staff have been overused for many years at VicRoads. It’s unfair that two people doing the same job for years at a time, should be on vastly different terms and conditions of employment. We will continue to discuss this with government, with a view to securing more funding for future conversions.

Talk to a colleague today about the importance of union membership. Your union represents ongoing and agency staff at VicRoads, and the more members we have, the stronger we are.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Organiser Matt Price at


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