60 staff currently engaged by employment agencies are set to be converted to ongoing, direct employment at VicRoads. This comes after extensive lobbying by the Union.

ASU delegates met with the then roads minister Jaala Pulford in early 2020, and later with current roads minister Ben Carrol later in the year. At these meetings, our delegates put the case that VicRoads workers ought to be directly employed, not kept on insecure, casual employment arrangements with agencies.

We sought to have the longest-serving agency staff converted first – some VicRoads workers have been working for agencies for more than ten years.

In early March we were pleased to announce that the State Government had agreed to fund the conversion of 60 staff members, starting with the longest-serving agency workers.

This is not the end, however – there are still too many agency workers at VicRoads, and we will continue to fight for their right to receive the same terms and conditions as other VicRoads workers.

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