The ASU had to seek the assistance from the Fair Work Commission in December to obtain requested information and express our dissatisfaction with amendments to the current document to reach ‘code compliance’.

There are several clauses in negotiation regarding Code Compliance (here)

It’s important to remember, the Building Code doesn’t currently apply to you at Ventia, it is only required for future work that Ventia may tender for.

We’re concerned that these changes would be detrimental to the workforce in which the legislation does not apply.

We have made some improvements to the wages offer;

Previous offer:

  • 2% increase effective from 1 October 2021 and 1 October 2022
  • A commencement payment that was based on a number of variables

Revised offer:

  • Effective from 1 July 2021 a 2% increase and a further 2% increase effective 1 July 2022
  • A commencement payment of $900

Wages offer has been brought forward and a sign on payment included.

In relation to Redundancy improvements, they include;

  • Improved wording regarding what is considered suitable redeployment;
    “In the first instance, the company will seek to identify, redeployment opportunities: at the same pay scale; within the same work type; and within a reasonable travel distance from the employees residence”.
  • Redeployment into a new role will not be subject to probationary period.

Ventia have NOT agreed to following areas;

  • Redundancy cap removed and pro rata years recognised
  • Trial period for a new redeployment arrangement
  • Salary maintenance for 12 months if redeployed to a lower classification

We believe Ventia will be putting the document out to vote shortly. We will hold a meeting to go through all changes prior to vote taking place.

A BIG thanks to Andrea, Shane and Ben for their continued valuable involvement within these negotiations and at the Commission!

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