As you would be aware Ventia issued the Notification of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) yesterday. This is a formal notice as part of the agreement negotiations which the employer are required to issue when negotiations commence.

As a union member you DO NOT need to do anything with this notice as you are automatically covered by the ASU in these negotiations.

At the meeting on Monday 7 September Ventia indicated that they have shifted from their position of a variation to a new agreement.

They also advised that they agree to the length of the agreement being post the contract conclusion date, and inserted two pay increases of 2% each year.  This was as opposed to the 18month variation with 2% in the first year and 1% for the following 6 month period.

We did not discuss other claims, specifically those around redundancy and redeployment, or further discuss the wages offer until our next meeting. Now the NERR has been issued there may be additional reps at the table with additional claims sought.

As the NERR is required to be out for a period of 14 days we have scheduled our next meeting to coincide with this on the 22nd of September.

Stay tuned for further developments!

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