We recently concluded a round of visits to discuss options to get Ventia to agree to commence negotiations with the ASU.

These are;

  1. Continue to wait for Ventia to agree to start the process
  2. Request the assistance of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) in way of a majority support order- this entails getting the majority of staff to sign on to a petition and submitting an application to FWC who provides orders to the employer to commence negotiations.

The overwhelming majority of members seek ASU proceed with option 2.

Your agreement expired on 31 March 2021 with your last pay rise received on April 2020.  The ASU has requested on multiple occasions, both verbally and written for Ventia to commence negotiations, however they have continually advised “ bargaining has not yet commenced”.

It is not a decision we enter into lightly to proceed with a majority support order however we feel that there is not an alternative option – and members strongly agree.

As such we have written to Ventia advising of our intention- see attached letter, a petition has been distributed to your ASU delegates who will be discussing with workers signing on. Please approach one of your delegates if you wish to sign on.

We have collected all member feedback for the log of claims which predominantly remains the same log which was discussed at our member meeting earlier on in the process. You can download the final version here.

Please complete a short survey here:


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