The ASU has held an initial discussion with your employer to schedule some future meeting dates to commence negotiations for your next Enterprise Agreement.

The ASU will attend an initial meeting as your representative on 13 July and a further two meetings have been scheduled for the 28 July and 10 August.

We have held discussions with members about the bargaining process, the need for employees to take a role and the urgent need for VCOSS ASU members to elect a delegate to represent them in the process. Your CEO has confirmed that Jobs Australia will be the employer’s bargaining representative. Nominations for ASU delegate are open.

A preliminary log of claims has been drafted. Please forward any additional claims or issues for inclusion in your log to prior to the 9 of July, so the ASU can prepare a draft claim for endorsement by ASU members in the week of the 12 of July.

Good agreements rely on active participation and representation of staff issues. Get behind your union and our members work to represent your interests ask your colleagues to join their union and share this email.

If you require further information or wish to discuss the contents of this newsletter please contact
ASU Lead Organiser Jane Karslake |

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