To prepare for our delegates meeting Valuing Care under COVID 19 by teleconference tomorrow here are some instructions on how to install and activate Zoom, the teleconference app we will use.

Go to this link to download Zoom Desktop for Clients for your computer:

If you are downloading to your phone visit your App Store (for Apple products) or Play Store (for Android) and search Zoom Cloud Meeting. These stores are on your phones already as an app.

Zoom is a free app.

That’s it!

Hot tip #1. If you are installing Zoom on a computer, make sure it has microphone capacity. Otherwise it may be better to use your phone.

Hot tip #2. You will be able to hear better if you plug in a set of earphones for our meeting.

To join the Valuing Care under COVID 19 click on this link at 4pm sharp Wednesday 1 April:

If you have any difficulty installing and activating Zoom, make sure you contact Tuffy on 0490 450 169 either today or before the meeting tomorrow so you can run through it together.

Apologies for the double up of emails to those who did not RSVP, we are still ironing out some technical difficulties as we move to work remotely. For those who already RSVP’d (delegates, or if you don’t have a delegate than a member is ok) could you please RSVP again to:

In solidarity,

Tuffy Morwitzer

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