Thank you to all our members who participated in the Vaccination Status survey.

We had 407 members in Local Government complete this survey which ran from the 21st July to 14th August.

Here are the survey results:

  • 88% of participants were women, with 85% of participants over the age of 50.
  • 90% of people have had their first or second dose; are booked to receive a dose; will make a booking as soon as possible; or will receive a vaccination at a later date.
  • 7% are still unsure if they will get vaccinated
  • 3% said they are not planning on getting vaccinated
  • 55% said your employer have asked about your vaccination status
  • Of the members that are yet to receive a vaccination, 33% said they were worried about serious side effects, 11% are worried about minor side effects, and 12% said it’s too difficult to get one right away or to make a booking.
  • 8% disagreed or strongly disagreed that they trust the Federal Government to effectively roll out COVID-19 vaccines in their industry. 26% neither agreed or disagreed.
  • 6% strongly disagreed or disagreed that workers in their industry are being vaccinated as quickly as they would like. 29% neither agreed or disagreed.
  • 42% agreed or strongly agreed that the vaccine will be effective at stopping COVID-19 in Australia. 35% neither agreed or disagreed.
  • The majority of people are accessing information from relevant government websites, second is the news, and third is social media and their employer.

This is a significant snapshot of the thoughts and barriers for our membership in aged care to accessing the vaccination. Given the time lapse since the survey first went live it’s likely an even higher % or members are now vaccinated as well.

Is your Employer giving you paid time to get vaccinated? Call us to find out how we can advocate for you and your work colleagues to get paid time to vaccinate! The ASU will continue to fight for vaccination leave, COVID-19 leave, and other supports for our frontline members during these difficult times.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer | | 0490 450 169

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