Our union exists to protect and advance the collective interests of our members. The interests of all union members collectively, whether each one is vaccinated or not, is in having a safe work environment. We will be safest from COVID-19 where staff and other members of the community within which we work are vaccinated to the greatest extent possible.

Please see ASU presentation that was presented at the vaccination briefings held Wednesday 6 October 2021

Some of this information has been superseded as the order mandating vaccinations was issued today 8 October 2021. You can find the order here and also the FAQ sheet here.

If your employer has directed you to be vaccinated and you are unsure whether the direction is properly based on the orders by the Chief Health Officer or may not otherwise be a lawful and reasonable direction, it may be useful to ask your employer the following:

  • Do you require evidence that I am vaccinated because you think the Covid-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions applies to me? If so, please indicate which category of worker under the Directions that you think I am in.
  • If you do not think I am in a category covered by the Directions, on what basis do you consider it lawful and reasonable to direct me to provide evidence of vaccination? Please include information about any risk assessments you have conducted in respect to my work, as well as what consultation you have engaged with in making those assessments.

If have any queries please email vaccinations@asuvictas.com.au

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