The election will soon be called. Which means it is time for action: it’s time to win the change that working people need.

Join ACTU Secretary Sally McManus and your fellow delegates and representatives from across the movement for an urgent mass meeting as we ramp up our campaign for workers into high gear.

This meeting will be held online via Zoom.

DATE: Wednesday 6 April
TIME: 3pm

The upcoming election will be one of the most important in recent memory for working people. Working people have been left behind and ignored, but if we act together, we can drive that to change this election.

You and your fellow delegates and representatives will make all the difference. You are the centre of our strategy.

We need you on the ground; having conversations, talking about how this election will not only shape our work rights today, but for years to come.

At this crucial meeting we will discuss the practical ways you can make a difference this election.

Election Campaign Mass Meeting for Delegates and Representatives

Wednesday 6 April 3pm (AEDT) ­– on Zoom

The stakes are high for working people this election. It is up to us to make the change we know this country needs.

Join your fellow delegates on 6 April. It’s time to get organised and make history, together.

See you there!


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