An urgent meeting has been called for ASU community sector members to raise any concerns you have about the hard lockdown of public housing in Kensington & Flemington.

There will be many residents urgently requiring community services during the lockdown period and ASU community sector workers will provide many of these services.  It’s vital that you are able to do your work as safely as possible and free from risk in a potentially volatile situation.

DATE: Monday 6 July
TIME: 10:30am

Please register at the link above before the meeting, and you will be sent a meeting link automatically.

The ASU has already been in touch with DHHS and Minister Foley’s office and has raised concerns about access to PPE, the safety of working conditions for staff required to attend the flats and what impacts this may have on their ability to work back in your usual work location.

We have sought urgent meetings with DHHS and the Minister’s office tomorrow to raise any concerns ASU members have.

Please join this meeting to have your say about how this unprecedented issue should be handled.  We particularly encourage members from agencies who are required to work at the impacted sites but welcome all ASU community sector members to join in.

The ASU want to ensure that if the COVID-19 outbreak spreads further across Victoria that we have put in place safe work practices that can quickly be adopted.

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