Many of our members will be aware of the “Ensuring Integrity” bill which is before parliament at the moment. These are the most anti-worker, anti-union laws we have seen in a generation and they are likely to be voted on soon. We’re asking you to take one small action to try to secure the votes against this bill that we need.

It’s really important that the senators voting on these laws hear from everyday working people now, before they decide which way they are going to vote.

We are asking all Tasmanian ASU members to make contact with the senator who we have the potential to influence – Senator Jacqui Lambie.

As a Tasmanian senator, Senator Lambie should listen to Tasmanian voters on important issues. Her vote could well be the difference between these laws being adopted or not.

Please get in touch with Senator Lambie via email or Facebook right now to let her know why these laws should not be passed.

It’s important we make contact in a positive way, let her know why it’s important and ask her to vote to stop the Bill. Governments should not be able to tell members who can lead their union and they certainly shouldn’t be in a position to be able to deregister a union they are not happy with for any reason.

For more information please contact:
ASU Tasmanian Coordinator Aaron De La Torre | 0427 813 821 |


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