Further to the newsletter circulated earlier this week, ASU delegate and HSR, Dean Barnett, and ASU official Tash Wark met with Uniting this morning to further discuss the proposed roster changes.

An alternate proposal for Warrigal to Uniting’s roster has been put forward by Dean in his representative capacity. This has also been circulated to Warrigal unit staff for their feedback.

Uniting has advised that they will genuinely consider this alternative, along with other staff feedback received.

Dean and the ASU welcome any contact from members who would like to know more about this – see here for the proposed alternate roster and explanatory info. Dean is best contactable on 0421287180, ASU Lead Organiser Tash Wark is contactable via twark@asuvictas.com.au 0418424052.

Dean, the ASU office and Uniting will meet again with Uniting on Tuesday 5 May to discuss Uniting’s response to the feedback. Please let us know any further feedback or concerns before then so we can incorporate this into discussions.

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