The ASU has written to LCHS advising them of the impact these changes within the Behavioural Health Program (BHP) would have on staff and raised concerns that members have shared, our principal concern is that staff may have difficulty in accessing future increments.

Please click here for a copy of the LCHS response to our letter.

The ASU appreciates the detail provided by LCHS however they have not agreed to our requests.

To summarise:

  • LCHS advise the framework will be applied consistently.
  • LCHS insist the reclassification and competency framework be tied.
  • LCHS is willing to revise the scoring of the framework but only with the Clinical Leads and Team Leaders.
  • LCHS does not want ASU input into the frameworks and has rejected our request to convene a consultative committee.

LCHS has stated that they believe they have scope under the Enterprise Agreement (EA) to make these changes. LCHS has the scope to implement a staff development and performance appraisal scheme”, to progress under your Agreement to the next pay point, you must demonstrate “satisfactory performance”. ASU members should share their experience and monitor how the framework complies with this definition.

Reclassification can be difficult to achieve so the reclassifications are welcome. Incremental increases may be less certain, but most employees will receive a raise in their salary.  You should review your letter of offer and ask questions of their employer.

You can check Part 4 of the SCHADS Award to see if the correct pay rate has been provided.

The ASU believes that access to satisfactory performance should be fair and not subject to client feedback or subjective measures.

Talk to your colleagues about these changes and if they have concerns, ask them to join the ASU today.

For further information please contact:
ASU Lead Organiser Jane Karslake |

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