Members will be aware that Qantas Group has recently announced that it intends to require employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The ASU supports vaccination as the way we can get out of the pandemic and members can get back to work. We have said from the start that the issue of which workers need to be vaccinated to do their job is a matter that should be decided by public health experts, not individual employers.

However, that doesn’t make it illegal for some employers to require their employees to be vaccinated – this is a complex area of law, and depends on many factors, including the kind of work you do, your risk of being exposed to COVID-19, the people you come in to contact with, and what alternatives are available.

We are seeking more information urgently from Qantas Group, as well as a meeting with their Medical and Legal representatives so that we can provide advice to our members about Qantas policy.

We have told Qantas we want them to provide us with an explanation as to how they think this is a lawful direction, as well as information about the risk assessments they have done.

We have also said to Qantas we want to discuss the following issues that members have raised with us:

  • Additional controls to mandatory vaccination Qantas has considered for COVID-19;
  • The proposed timeline for implementation given current recommendations on preferred vaccines for various age groups, supply issues, access issues and the required time between doses of the various vaccines;
  • How they would consider exemption requests;
  • How employee privacy will be maintained;
  • Options for employees who do not or are not able to comply with the proposed policy.

We will provide more information to members as it comes to hand.

Pass this bulletin to your colleagues who are not in the union. They can join at

For more information please contact Aaron De La Torre | | 0427 813 821



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