Delegate meetings
ASU organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio along with delegate Darren Creswell attended a meeting with Vanessa O’Tool and Lisa Edgar from Human Resources on Wednesday 21st November 2018.  The purpose of this meeting was to discuss in further detail the request for a monthly delegates committee and approval of a mass members meeting, which the ASU has sought for the 4th of December 2018 (stay tuned for further information once confirmed.)


The ASU has proposed as a compromise position that the meetings will be a combination of a 30 minutes paid and 30 minutes unpaid, the employer did express concern regarding operational requirements being met and also  travel time however we raised that the travel time is minimal as all locations are in close proximity to one another.


The employer also raised that historically delegates meetings had been granted in line with the consultative committee which meets bi-monthly.  We raised the following issues with this;

  1. Not all delegates attend the consultative committee;
  2. The consultative committee meets bi-monthly which is 8 weeks between meetings, as such not ideal when trying to resolve matters locally;
  3. The aims and objectives of the delegates meeting is not merely to feed issues into the consultative committee, although this is one function of the delegate meeting.


Vanessa O’Toole committed to provide a response once she has had an opportunity to discuss this with all executives as it crosses over multiple business groups.


There was also some discussion regarding the internal changes within HR, it was also agreed that once the structure had been finalised then a copy with be provided to the ASU Delegates, this is important as it will detail the relevant HR  business partner for each work area.


Home and Community Care
The ASU wrote to the CEO of Moreland Council to ascertain if the employer has requested a funding extension till 2020 to ensure the on-going delivery of the critical services  to elderly residents by the home and community care team.  We received correspondence on the 21st of November which unfortunately stated that “Council has made no binding decision on longer term scenarios for aged care services delivery”.


This is disappointing as two thirds of metropolitan councils have confirmed that they will continue to provide services to 2020.


There is an upcoming council meeting on 12 December which we will encourage members to attend and the ASU will be putting  questions forward on public record.  Even if you are not directly impacted it would be a sign of solidarity to attend in support of your fellow members across council.


A meeting took place last week with manager Andrew Dodd along with ASU organiser and ASU member within the roads team to progress their matter.  We received a commitment that a draft PD will be provided to the team on Friday 23rd COB. The ASU has sought for a meeting with members to go through the proposed PD for the following week.  There has been a lot of speculation regarding what possible outcome could eventuate- including a restructure.  Until we have a position from the employer we are unable to push ahead.  We will continue to work with management to progress this matter which has been outstanding for a considerable period of time.


Customer Service
The ASU has made contact with the Customer Service department to ascertain a suitable time to meet with the department, preferably prior to or following  a team meeting.  Stay tuned for an upcoming notification of visit.  This will be an open meeting for members and non members- we will give an update on internal changes at the ASU, discuss the benefits of being involved as a member and the critical role of the delegate.  Members will of course have an opportunity to raise matters.


If you interested in organising a meeting for your workgroup please reach out to your ASU delegate, if your department is unrepresented please contact ASU Organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio on 0400 986 745 or via email on  to arrange.


Urban Planning Organisational Change
The ASU received notification of change on Thursday 22 November regarding structural changes to the Urban Planning Unit.  The changes are detailed below;

Structural Change
The key proposed changes are outlined below, with further discussion of these changes in the attached consultation paper.

  • Existing Band 5 Subdivision Officer converted to permanent part time.
  • Existing Band 6 Senior Urban Planner converted to permanent part time.
  • Formally establish SEO/SO Unit Manager Urban Planning.
  • Maintain four (4) Urban Planning Coordinators from substantive structure.
  • Establish reporting lines to Band 7 Principal Planners.
  • Modify reporting lines of Planning Enforcement Officers across all Planning teams.
  • Continuous Improvement and Administrative Support Team to return to substantive structure, reporting to the Coordinator Continuous Improvement and Administrative Support.


The employer has provided a detailed report of the changes which ASU organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio will be seeking to meet with members to discuss any concerns and feedback you may have regarding the proposed changes.


The consultation period closes on the 7th of December with a view to implement the new structure mid to late December.  Of course if members have concerns with what is proposed and require additional time we will request this.


Please contact ASU organiser Lorraine Di Pietrantonio on 0400 986 745 or via email on

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