Members of the Australian Services Union deliver the services Australians rely on every day.  The work you do is critical to the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working across the entire social and community services sector to secure members’ jobs and make sure members’ safety at work is a priority.

We have been working with state and federal governments and their departments to make sure workers have their voice heard about safety and the importance of the work you do every day.

The ASU is also campaigning as part of the wider union movement for a wage subsidy if workers lose work because of COVID-19.

Wage Subsidy needed now

Hundreds of thousands of workers have already lost jobs, and millions more jobs are at threat due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Scott Morrison needs to take action now. The Australian union movement is demanding that every single worker in Australia gets a guaranteed wage subsidy if they lose work because of COVID-19. Workers need to be able to keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table.

There must be a wage subsidy for all workers, no matter their visa status. No exception.

As union members, we face challenges together.

Even though not all of us can take physical action in our workplaces and communities, the union movement is still able to fight for a fair and decent plan for working people, to get us all through this crisis.

We can still take collective action wherever we are right now, using our phones and our computers.

On Monday night, Sally McManus will host a special online mass meeting at 6PM to talk about the campaign ahead. You can join in on Facebook on Monday 30 March from 6PM.

And, next Tuesday the union movement is doing something new. There is a national day of action, an online picket line to hold Scott Morrison accountable. Join from 8AM on Tuesday 31 March to demand a guaranteed wage subsidy for all working people.


The online picket line will be live and interactive.

The picket line will go all day, from 8am to 5pm. Throughout the day, union members will take actions together to demand a guaranteed wage subsidy – from calling talkback radio, to a tweetathon, to calling our MPs together.

We will hear from affected workers and special guests. We will do whatever it takes to bring the community and then the government behind us on this issue.

You can participate from wherever you are with your phone or computer — you can take part from your couch at home, on your lunch break or after work.

RSVP here so we can text you the link when it starts.

Together we can make it happen.

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