We understand many of our members do not work across multiple sites. This newsletter is for those who do.

Option to work in Residential Aged Care

The Guiding Principles Support Hub was set up to help transition residential aged care workers to work in only one site in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire. This is to limit cross transmission of Covid-19 to clients and their workers who move across sites.

Home care workers are being asked by their employers if they also work at a residential aged care facility. Some of you may be asked to work in a residential care service, the choice is yours.

Pandemic leave will be available in the event you are required to self-isolate because of Covid-19 symptoms, waiting for a test, or contact with someone with Covid-19.

You should not be impacted financially for choosing to work in residential aged care and your original job should still be open for you when you return. You should request return to work arrangements in writing to confirm the agreement. These arrangements will be in operation until 25 September, although they may be extended.

If you choose to work solely as a home care worker and you are likely to experience income loss, you should raise this issue with your employer and seek assistance from your local delegate.

Employer direction to provide information on multiple employers.

Your employer will have approached staff to identify who works for multiple employers as part of developing their COVID-Safe Plan. Sharing this information is important and mandatory.

We are aware of the hardship that losing work is creating for home carers and this is a further impact. Everyone needs a fair wage, and you should not be unfairly treated for trying to earn one.

If you are adversely affected please speak to your ASU delegate and organiser to hold discussions with your local management.

If you want paid pandemic leave in your current workplace consider passing this pandemic leave motion at your member, delegate, or Consultative Committee meetings.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer | tmortwitzerr@asuvictas.com.au

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