The ASU has been notified that MIND will be applying to the FairWork Commission to terminate your current enterprise agreement: Richmond Fellowship of Victoria Incorporated Union Collective Agreement 2006.

ASU officials have met with senior management twice to discourage MIND from this course of action, which will undoubtedly result in a loss of entitlements. Rather than renegotiating a new enterprise agreement, MIND has made the decision to drag your conditions down to the bare minimum under the relevant Award.

This course of action is almost without precedent in the community sector and is a direct attack on your workplace rights and conditions.

This is a shameful act by MIND after such a tumultuous and difficult two years.

If MIND is successful in terminating your agreement, many conditions will be impacted, including but not limited to:

-less sick leave
-less long service leave
-loss of an RDO and
-reduced redundancy payments

The ASU will continue to have discussions with MIND in an attempt to protect your conditions and has repeatedly told MIND that the ASU will happily sit down ASAP and start the process to negotiate a new enterprise agreement.

Your workplace is at a pivotal moment here, there has never been (and likely will never be) a more important time to stand united and fight for your rights at work!

Talk to a workmate who is not currently a member of our union and encourage them to join the ASU. It’s easy to join online at

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Kerman Daruwalla on

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