ASU members at a southern Tasmanian council have received significant amounts of back pay for unpaid overtime.

The issue was discovered by ASU Organisers when members advised that their team meetings were being paid at ordinary pay rates despite starting at 6pm, outside the span of ordinary hours in the enterprise agreement.

After further investigation, the issue was found to be much broader than that and also involved employees being paid ordinary rates of pay for work they undertook in excess of 76 hours per fortnight.

In both of these cases, the work should have been paid at overtime rates.

We resolved this matter without the need to take legal action in the Federal Circuit Court.

Members should ensure that their timesheets reflect accurate overtime provisions for work undertaken and that any work outside of the ordinary hours in your enterprise agreement, or the relevant award, is paid at overtime rates.

If you want any help with interpreting your payslips and ensuring that you are being paid correctly, please reach out to your Organiser or contact our Member Contact Centre at for assistance.

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