The ASU has been notified by members that Uniting sent an urgent email to all Uniting staff last night after 7:00pm.

The email requested that all staff apply for the Job Keeper supplement asking employees to apply for Job Keeper by 6pm tonight, giving less than 24 hours’ notice to consider their options.

Uniting make it clear in the email sent last night that filling in the job keeper form is strictly voluntary.

We have sought clarification of the following information provided to the employees in that email;

  1. That Uniting was committing to pass on the full $1,500 subsidy to all eligible employees who apply, including those who receive less than $1,500 before tax per fortnight?
  2. Exactly what is meant by this line in the email; “Please note, this will not impact on your employment status.” That is what does it potentially mean for your hours of work, locations and duties, will you be required to use your current annual or long service entitlements and will there potentially be any other changes to your industrial or working arrangements.

We have requested that Uniting provide the ASU with a response to these questions as soon as possible.

The ASU has been in contact with ASU workplace delegates and further information will be provided as soon as possible.

Until such time as we have answers the attached FAQ sheet about the Job Keeper scheme may help.

If you want further information, please contact either your ASU workplace Delegates or
ASU Organiser Karrie Bowe | 0400 917 845 |

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