Since the transfer of Maribyrnong and Hobson’s Bay members to Uniting Agewell there have been a number of queries received from members.

Your Delegate Alex Young and ASU organisers Jane Karslake and Kath Tuari recently met with Uniting Age Well management.

The following points are issues raised and responses from Uniting Agewell;

  • Gaps in rosters -The CLO team aim reduce gaps it is not always possible but we will continue to monitor.
  • 15 min paid breaks– Breaks are in line with EBA CLO will assist where possible.
  • Lack of hours – UAW will review hours not permanently allocated with a view to offering employees additional hours.
  • Incident reports – please contact CLO`s
  • Claiming office time – Where DCW`s come into the office for work office time will be rostered. DCW`s are encouraged to visit the office and discuss issues with CLO`s.
  • Google tracking – if you divert due to traffic contact the office to advise them.
  • Travel and kilometres– entitlements will be applied based on the EBA provisions.
  • Make up pay– where DCW`s have a pay inquiry, please complete an employee pay inquiry, CLO`s can assist with this process.
  • Sick leave– where DCW`s call in sick, sick leave will be paid for rostered services for that day inclusive of the average travel with that roster

Since the meeting and further investigation ASU have contacted Uniting Agewell regarding payment of vehicle reimbursement to clarify and ensure the correct amount is being paid.

This is an example of the importance of your work place delegates at work and a timely reminder of why we need them. Former dedicated and long standing delegates Liane Simko and Mary Ferguson have now retired so we need others to support Alex and Tammy to continue the great work they do.

The ASU remains your industry union at Uniting Aged Well. The ASU is committed to supporting you through the adjustment to your new employer and would like to assure you we are following progress.

Please talk to direct care workers about your ASU membership and encourage them to join online today:

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Kath Tuari |

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