ASU representatives have held meetings at Uniting Agewell with members to discuss travel allowance, travel time, minimum hours and rostering gaps for direct care workers.

What we have learnt;

Travel Allowance: Members are being paid correctly for travel allowance however payment is made in two separate payments on pay slips as a taxable and non-taxable allowance.  When added together these payments should the correct amount.

Travel Time: You were previously allocated 10 minutes between jobs for travel time.  This was not in your MCC Agreement so UWA are paying per kilometre. You should be paid for actual travel time. We understand that the lack of transparency is a concern.

Minimum Hours: All workers should be receiving their agreed minimum hours. Minimum hours do not include travel time. If you are not being paid the minimum hours you have been contracted for please inform your ASU delegate, Alex Young and provide documentation of the difference.

Rostering Gaps: ASU have raised the issue and UAW has made a commitment to close, or minimise the gap where possible.  UAW has requested that staff contact them if there are rostering gap issues to be addressed.  The ASU will continue to monitor this situation. Please send us examples of rostering gaps via email to

OH&S checks: Safety checks were paid at a band 4 at MCC. UAW are paying at band 3 with a 30 minute time frame placed on it, staff have identified  there is insufficient time to do the safety check properly. No safe chemical list provided to staff or households and no form to report faulty electrical equipment.

The ASU will raise these issues again with UAW and report back to members on the outcomes in response to correspondence and discussion.

UAW has committed to holding regular staff meetings to address arising issues.  Meetings have been held over the week of the 19 August that the ASU had the opportunity to attend.

If you would like to discuss or seek further advice on your issues ASU organiser Austin Fabry will be available on Monday 9 September, 11:30am – 5pm in Footscray.

The ASU is a union for people in diverse industries who deliver services that the community relies on every day.

Print this newsletter and share with a UAW direct care worker.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry | 0436 481 684

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