Since the transfer across to UAW the ASU have been working with members to address the following issues;

  • Inadequate protective equipment e.g. gloves
  • Not getting guaranteed hours
  • Being asked to fill out leave forms if you can`t complete a shift
  • No cancellation notice
  • Gaps in rosters
  • Lack of transparency no paper records
  • Not enough time to complete tasks

The ASU has been working with members to resolve these issues address these issues which have been causing member frustration.

At the direction of ASU members and delegates, we have now lodged a dispute with Uniting Age Well and will continue to pursue your concerns.

Signing leave forms? If you can’t complete a shift, our advice is that management asking you to sign a leave form this is not a reasonable direction!

If you are asked to sign a leave form because you can’t complete a shift, do not sign the form and call the ASU office: 1300 855 570

It is important that your rights are protected going forward, to do this, delegates and members have asked that we seek nominations from members to become Health and Safety Reps.

As an HSR, you have more rights to demand a safe workplace for you and your colleagues.

The ASU provides the training and will support you to stand up for the safety of all workers.

If you’re interested in putting your hand up, get in touch with Kath Tuari at

It is vital that this information gets out to non-members at Uniting, forward this email to as many colleagues as possible and encourage them to become a member of the ASU.

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