When ASU members unite and band together, we can achieve great things!

ASU delegates at Good Shepherd have been proactive and organised – and made sure the health and well being of ASU members has been front and centre during Covid-19 pandemic.

There have been two significant developments, thanks to the work of ASU delegates, that will have a positive impact on the working lives of ASU members at Good Shepherd.

  • An extra day paid leave before Melbourne Cup Day. This was in recognition of the commitment and dedication of the workforce to provide the very best support, hope and opportunity to the clients they support. Members feedback this extra-long weekend couldn’t have come sooner.
  • A positive change in policy to trump the EA which only affords a portion of paid parental leave being paid and the other portion only paid upon return to the employer. Now a primary carer can elect to have all their paid parental leave paid upon commencement of leave. This is a victory for members and bodes well as we seek to finalise EA negotiations in 2021.

These significant wins lay the groundwork to grow our union and to build the power of ASU members at Good Shepherd.

Through the Australian Services Union workers, including those at Good Shepherd, draw on their collective strength to deliver better pay and conditions.

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