As we enter a critical point in Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations your understanding and engagement is paramount to ensure we secure an agreement with your employer that protects your rights.

Have you spoken to your colleagues about EA negotiations? Do they know that ASU members are bargaining to defend their workplace rights? Will they join to help secure your workplace rights?

Ask your colleagues to join today!

For ASU member responses as discussed at recent member meetings please click here.

Members have demonstrated their preparedness to be flexible if the employer is open to modifying their positions.

Matters remaining in dispute are;

  • Notice period for religious and cultural holidays
  • Working from home
  • Span of hours
  • RDO”s
  • Personal Leave
  • Definition of family
  • IFA’s
  • Policy implementation
  • Changes to job description
  • Types of employment
  • SCHADS Classification level to be up to level 8 not capped at level 6

Members also provided feedback on matters that they wanted to stand firm on.

  • Dispute resolution clause
  • Workplace change

Members believe the Unison pay offer is inadequate. Members want wording that ensures that they receive whichever is greater, the national wage case or agreement wage increase. The level of the percentage increase is contingent on Unison agreeing to the matters that members held firm.

The next bargaining meeting is on Monday 31 May.

It is critical that you provide any further feedback on the attached document and/or any other pressing EA matters you want to have put forward to:
ASU Organiser Chaz Volpe | 0428 734 459 |
ASU Delegate Kylie Moore | 0409 562 395

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