Last week we issued a fresh and urgent appeal to the Prime Minister for JobKeeper to be extended and an AviationKeeper package of support for all airline workers to be implemented to secure the industryโ€™s future.

Your union joined together with Virgin, six other aviation companies and other unions to send a joint letter to the Prime Minister calling for the Federal Government to extend JobKeeper beyond March and provide support for all aviation workers to Keep Australia Flying. You can download a copy of the letter here.

We know that we are still a long way from a full COVID recovery in aviation. Just last week the Chief Medical Officer said that international borders are likely to stay closed until next year.

Thatโ€™s why we are calling for the Federal Government to immediately step up and take action to support workers, so that as demand returns we have the skilled and experienced workers ready to put planes back in the sky.

Our efforts have worked before. The ASU and the other signatories to this letter first campaigned together for AviationKeeper support back in July last year. Just a few weeks later the Federal Government extended JobKeeper beyond September, to March 2021. But that expiry date is now fast approaching, and JobKeeper still excludes too many aviation workers.

We need the Government to again listen to unions, listen to the airlines and aviation industry, and act right now.

Have you signed our petition for AviationKeeper?

Make sure you sign now and let the Government know they need to support YOU! Go to:

Together we will continue working to win AviationKeeper, extend JobKeeper and make sure the COVID-19 recovery supports all aviation workers to Keep Australia Flying.

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Aaron De La Torre on or 0417 813 821.

By your side.

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