Recently the ASU made an application to the Fair Work Commission (Commission) to vary the Victorian Local Government Award 2015 (VLGA) in order to protect conditions for local government employees in Victoria.

On 23 August 2021 the Commission made all but one of the variations the ASU was seeking. The decision can be found here.

The ASU made this application as conditions in the Local Government Industry Award 2020 had been improved through the 4 Yearly Review process which the VLGA was not included in.

Even though the federal award was superior in several aspects, Victorian ASU local government members have not been disadvantaged. This is thanks to the work of local government members, delegates, and the ASU bargaining for enterprise agreements with significantly above award conditions across all of local government in Victoria.

The ASU still fought for these changes to the VLGA on behalf of our members in order to provide ongoing protection of your entitlements and a better bargaining position for the future.

The variation makes improvements to:

  • Dispute resolution training leave
  • Leave during termination period for seeking other employment
  • Block release training for apprentices
  • Process for time off in lieu of overtime
  • Enforceable right to request flexible working arrangements
  • Process for taking annual leave in advance

The ASU has also sought a minimum 2-hour engagement for casual workers.  A group of Councils has opposed this change.  That part of the matter is still before the Commission and a procedural hearing took place on Friday 27 August 2021.  The ASU expressed its willingness to engage with the LG industry on behalf of members in the hope of reaching a resolution.  Discussions will take place with a report back hearing before the Commission to take place on 8 October 2021.

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