ASU members at Child and Family Services (Cafs) in Ballarat are seeing the real value of active delegates and a workplace that respects the role of ASU delegates.

They are also benefiting from an active and committed team of delegates.

Sue Chittleborough, Shirley Liddy, Linda Forbes, Susan Nelson and Greg Lewis have been working hard and are using severy opportunity to develop an organised union workplace.

Their efforts have secured significant commitments from management that will improve the worming lives of members and strengthen the ASU at this workplace.

Delegates being introduced to new employees at induction and including ASU membership forms in induction kits, a prominent ASU presence at all staff days, and prominently identifying delegates to all staff with ASU Delegates Badges and on noticeboards will cement the role of delegates at Cafs.

And in a creative way to provide information to the workers at Cafs, management have agreed to have ASU information on the back of toilet doors. The important and unexpected prominence a step like this brings will benefit the ASU at Cafs for years to come

At the same time, more open and consultative processes will give a stronger voice to workers in their workplace.  These agreed changes include:

  • Representation on EBA consultative committee
  • Establishing quarterly solution based meetings between Delegates and People and Culture Management Team
  • Establishing open transparent and accountable communication protocols with the ASU in the event of proposed or imminent change

Cafs management’s recognition of the union’s role needs to be acknowledged, and our active delegate team deserve congratulations.

Well done team!

ASU CAFS, strong and collective
in voice,
in numbers,
in action and
in presence…

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