Over the past 18 months, the ASU has recruited 14 new members in early childhood education at the Derwent Valley Council run Valley Children’s Centre in New Norfolk.

During enterprise bargaining negotiations this year, the ASU bargaining team, raised concerns about the wage rates being offered to Educators at the Centre.

These concerns were about the relationship between wage rates paid under the current Enterprise Agreement and the legal minimum applicable under the Children’s Services Award 2010.

The union requested immediate action on behalf of our members, and Derwent Valley Council management agreed to investigate the matter.

Management has now agreed staff have been underpaid for years and has committed to fixing the problem.

Wage rates will be corrected in employees’ next pay packet and work is underway to work out the back-pay owed to current and former employees at the Centre.

It just goes to show, it pays to have the ASU by your side.

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