The ASU and Council reported back to the Commission today in relation to our dispute on the wage freeze and delay of bargaining. Council have now agreed to commence bargaining for a new agreement covering your pay and conditions.

The ASU will begin to receive monthly financial briefings from the 15 September.

ASU members have put forward questions for these briefings to understand why Council believe they cannot afford a salary increase or improvements in conditions. These are attached for your viewing. If you have questions, please provide these to by 14 September.


  • Council will issue the Notice of Employee Representational Rights by 1 October. That signals the official start of bargaining.
  • All Bargaining Representatives will receive training during the month of October.
  • Regular bargaining meetings will occur commencing no later than early November.

We need to formalise our bargaining team of ASU members. Bargaining Representatives will be released from work to attend EA negotiations.

Want to be on the team? Speak to your local Delegate or contact ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor on 0459 228 612 or

ASU members should not nominate as Employee Bargaining Representatives. This removes your rights as a union member and means you bargaining for yourself; alone.

We stand by the fact that freezing wages will not significantly impact Council’s budget but it will hurt all GCC workers’ household budgets and the communities in which we live, work and spend.

Get active and circulate this message to your non-member colleagues and ask them to join us in our stand for a fair deal. We are stronger together!

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