A huge congratulations to every union member who took part in the industrial action and bans, this outcome should showcase to all workers at Maribyrnong Council the importance of being union members. The outcome was achieved by union members sticking together and pressuring management to increase their offers. It was union members taking industrial action that resolved these negotiations.

Yesterday, council announced the successful vote of the Enterprise Agreement. 91% of the staff who voted, voted yes to accept the agreement. We will now proceed with the certification of the agreement with the FWC. (Fair Work Commission)

Recent ABS statistics (Australian Bureau of Statistics) show that Unionised workplaces on average are paid 26% higher than non-unionised workplaces. There is no more conclusive evidence that workers who stick together, achieve better outcomes!

Now that these negotiations are done, we have 2 years to become even stronger. We need to keep building on the momentum we’ve built during the last 6 months! If every union member successfully asked a non-member to join, we would double our strength overnight. The possibilities are endless in a workplace with over 50% union membership.

We want you to have this conversation with your colleagues and ask them to join. Or if you are interested in becoming an ASU delegate, please contact the ASU directly at 1300 855 570 or speak to one of your union delegates listed below.

New members can easily join by scanning the QR Code below or joining online here or speak to any of your ASU Workplace delegates: Kelly Linnell, Rosana Rivera, Jim Dimitriou, Sue Bratby, Alex Gauci, Pam Genovese, Kaye Philpott, Glenda Laby or David Moore.

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