All ASU members at Geelong Regional Library Corporation are invited to a union meeting on Wednesday 27 November.

DATE: Wednesday 27 November
TIME: 6.30pm
VENUE: Geelong Trades Hall (127 Myers Street, Geelong)

With GRLC’s Enterprise Bargaining Agreement due to be renegotiated early next year, this meeting will be your chance to have a say into what improvements you want to advocate for in your workplace in 2020.

To see how wages and conditions at GRLC compare to other regional library corporations, you can read this comparison sheet. And to have your say in what changes and improvements you want to see, you can complete this short survey.

Then come along to the above union meeting to vote together and agree on what improvements you want to negotiate for early next year.

As individuals, we only have limited power – together, we can change our workplace and our working lives for the better.

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