Every single worker has a right to be paid what they are owed. And if you are a member of the Australian Services Union you’ll have the union by your side to get any underpayment fixed.

After Amanda Pleiter, a Community Safety Officer and ASU delegate at Mornington Peninsula Shire, discovered approximately 10 weekend workers were underpaid, the first thing she did was talk to her ASU organiser.

Amanda had discovered Mornington Peninsula Shire Council had been incorrectly paying time worked on the weekend as weekend penalty rates rather than as overtime.

With the support from her experienced ASU organiser, the underpayment was formally brought to council’s attention with a demand for an investigation.

The underpayment occurred because the employer failed to communicate a change in hours worked to all employees when they stated at council.

This clear underpayment is now being fixed with repayment to occur in the coming weeks.

In a further win for ASU members, council management has backed down on its plan to increase the for Community Safety Officers’ span-of-hours in the next enterprise agreement.

The ASU bargaining team strongly opposed this proposal that would have permanently reduced pay for work on weekends and they have been successful.

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