The ASU helps members to deal with issues as they arise at workplaces, either individually or as a group – and campaigns to improve conditions for workers.

For some time the ASU has been assisting members, across a number of workplaces, who have experienced underpayment or payroll errors.

Examples of the kinds of issues the union has been helping with include a failure to pay overtime when shifts run over; failure to pay loadings and other allowances, underpayments for weekends and sleep overs; Time in Lieu discrepancies and underpayments; and general payroll system errors.

In any payroll issue we must prove that the underpayment or mistake has occurred.

The employer cannot be relied up to produce the information required when there are issues of underpayment; this is particularly the case when there is a dispute which can end up before the Fair Work Commission.

What You Need to Keep For your Own Records
Good personal recording keeping habits are essential where there is a are issues over payroll or payment of allowances. You need to keep your own information in a safe and accessible place (not on your Employers computer or phone) on an ongoing basis. Claims of underpayment can go back many years and, without good records, it difficult for members, with the support of the ASU, to assert their rights.

To prove that you have not been paid correctly you need to show the following;

  1. The hours you were rostered to do. Keep a copy of your roster or Line. This can be a photo of your Line or roster, a text or email asking you to work.
  2. The dates and hours you actually worked. Keep a copy of your timesheet and employers approval.
    It is important to keep both documents particularly if your employer has made changes to your submitted hours. If there is a discrepancy, query the difference in writing at the time. If everything is done online take a screen shot or photo.
  3. The hours and types of hours you were actually paid for. Make sure you keep copies of your all your payslips. These should be available to download through your employee Kiosk. They should be printed or kept on your personal computer or personal phone.

If you don’t understand the information on your payslip and how it relates to what you have been paid ask payroll to explain it to you. And keep asking until you can clearly see what you have been paid matches the work you actually performed.

Once you leave employment with the organisation you no longer have access to this information without a great deal of effort.

If you think you have been underpaid or not received payment for allowances that you are entitled too, contact your organiser or the ASU Member Contact Centre on or 1300 855 570.

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