As you’ll be aware, the CoM released the draft budget today. The ASU has analysed the budget to understand how it might impact on enterprise agreement negotiations.

The good news is the CoM is in a better financial position, than expected. They report better than expected rates and parking revenue for the year. The Council, like all tiers of Government, will run a deficit this year but it is a smaller than was expected.

There is promising news. The budget increases the funding for employee costs. The funding for employee costs increases by 11.23% next year, and then 1.76% in 2023, 2.5% in 2024 and 3.15% in 2025.

Some of the 11.23% increase for next year is attributed to a projected increase in staff numbers. We are optimistic the remainder is a decent pay rise and back pay for staff.

The bad news is the budget confirms that 6% of staff either resigned or were terminated this year.  The Quarterly Financial Report confirms that the Council has saved $8.7 million through not filling positions when they become vacant. This suggests that the practice of not filling vacancies is a deliberate strategy to save money. It also means you are doing more work, with less!

With the welcome financial news today – it’s time for management to come back to the negotiating table.

The ASU has filed an application today in the Fair Work Commission for protected industrial action. This application is to ensure we have the legal right to take industrial action, should it be required. However, the ASU Negotiating team is optimistic and eager that agreement can be reached and potentially disruptive action avoided.

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