On Wednesday, more than 150 ASU members met to discuss the next steps in the ‘un-Capp our Wages’ campaign to renegotiate the enterprise agreement and secure a fair pay rise, with back pay.

ASU delegates moved the following motion, which received the overwhelming support of members.

This meeting of ASU members and supporters endorses taking protected industrial action at the City of Melbourne.

We call on the City of Melbourne to come back to the bargaining table to renegotiate the enterprise agreement to deliver a fair pay rise with back pay.

It was fantastic to see the strong resolve of members to take collective action to get a fair deal.

As you will have seen, management emailed all City of Melbourne workers just before the ASU members meeting to advise them that all parties will be returning to the bargaining table ‘shortly’. This is a welcome development and is a great indication of the power of our collective.

The meeting resolved to proceed with making the application to the Fair Work Commission to take protected industrial action. The ASU Negotiating team is eager to return to the bargaining table and optimistic about reaching an agreement for a fair outcome. However, we want to ensure we have the legal right to take industrial action if required. The Fair Work process can take a few weeks, so there’s plenty of opportunity for further talks.

Over the next few days, you will receive a text from the ASU asking you to confirm your details. The Fair Work Application requires that members participate in a ballot about whether they want to take industrial action. We will only receive the legal right to take protected action if 50% of ASU members at the City of Melbourne vote and vote yes to the action. Please keep an eye out for this message.

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