At the last ASU members meeting, members met their new servicing organiser Dave Beckley. If you have any issues relating to your Enterprise Agreement, such as an underpayment in your wages, this should be your workflow.

  1. Speak to your workplace delegate. They can assist you to resolve your issue in the workplace in the first instance with your manager.
  2. If your delegate cannot assist you then contact the ASU Member Contact Centre at If they cannot help you solve your issue it will be passed onto Dave Beckley by the team.
  3. If you need to follow up with Dave Beckley afterwards contact him via or on 0428 462 285

At all levels make sure you keep a paper trail about your issues – emails to your manager, texts, your own notes on the issue which include the date which you wrote them and any other relevant timelines. This paper trail is hugely important for the ASU’s work with you.

If your issue relates to Occupational Health & Safety, make sure you reach out to your Health & Safety Representatives Prosper Kantharidis and Alex Young.

We are stronger together – tell a colleague about the work of the union today and encourage them to join. You can download an ASU membership form here.

For further information please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre |
ASU Organiser Tuffy Morwitzer |

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