It’s important to be as safe as possible when working in heat. We’ve had some hot days this summer – and there’ll be more to come.

As well as taking regular breaks out of the sun, some tips for working in heat are:

  • Wear light clothing that still provides adequate protection
  • Wear hats and light clothing that still provide sun protection
  • Have cool drinking water close to where you are working
  • Drink water, even if you aren’t thirsty – every 15 minutes.
  • Apply sunscreen whenever possible

The Australian Services Union has produced a factsheet for ASU members and delegates on working in heat. You can download the fact sheet here.

Working outdoors in hot weather often exposes workers to the sun. The Cancer Council has developed an information resource  – Sun Protection for Outdoor Workers that you can download here.

If you have a health & safety concern at your work, talk to your Health and Safety Representative, ASU Delegate or call the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 055 570.

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