You have been putting great pressure on TasWater with your current actions and now it’s time to ramp up to Phase 2 of Industrial Action.

As of next Wednesday 6 October 2021, all financial members (who are covered by one of the General Employees Enterprise Agreements) are eligible to participate in the below actions which, at this stage, will continue indefinitely and may be taken separately, concurrently, or consecutively:

Bans on:

  1. Undertaking repairs or preventative maintenance to TasWater plant and equipment each Monday.
  2. Resetting electrical equipment and machinery such as pump stations and water treatment plants.
  3. Supervision, authorisation, or site-specific inductions of contractors engaged by TasWater.
  4. Responding to emails or texts, or setting out-of-office replies on emails.
  5. Refuelling TasWater vehicles and/or trucks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  6. Performance of work in clothes on which enterprise bargaining campaign material, such as logos, slogans, stickers or badges, is not attached and/or displayed.

Note – High-vis or any other required personal protective equipment (PPE) must still be worn.

Members can also impose:

  1. Working strictly in accordance with Taswater policies or directives and not using any initiative in the performance of duties.
  2. Periodic stoppages of work for up to 15 minutes duration on each occasion to explain the wearing of campaign material to customers and the general public.

As well as beginning the new actions next week, the current actions you have been undertaking are still ongoing.  They are:

Impose bans on:

  1. The use of mobile phones and car and/or truck mobile radios, with the exception of on-call phones.
  2. Undertaking electronic inputting of data on iPads or tablets.
    Note – Safe work method statements (SWMS) and safety permits (e.g. hazardous area) will be completed in paper form but will not be submitted unless requested by WorkSafe Tasmania.
  3. The use of TasWater job journals (i.e. day books, run sheets, daily monitoring sheets, hours run sheets, vehicle logbooks).
  4. Relieving staff engaged in protected industrial action.
  5. The use of computers, if computer work is less than 25% of tasks on any given day.
  6. The handing in of TasWater water meter readings.
  7. Participating in any meetings via any video conference platform.
  8. The creation of work orders and service requests.

Members can also impose:

  1. Indefinite or periodic stoppages of work for up to 15 minutes duration on each occasion to distribute and explain enterprise bargaining campaign material to customers and the general public.
  2. The taking of up to 2.5 hours per day to travel to and take meal breaks together with other employees, at the same time and/or in the same place.

Remember to keep an eye on your phone and emails for ASU updates on actions and bargaining.

ASU members deserve better!  Stay strong and united!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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