Your preparedness to take action in the pursuit of fair pay and conditions resulted in an improved offer from Council which is outlined below.

  1. 2.25% as is currently paid, with a sign-on bonus of $350 per employee when the agreement is approved; This one-off payment will not be paid in the pay period in which the annual leave loading is paid (first pay period in December in which 1st December is included). For an employee on $50,000 p.a this one-off payment of $350 per employee can be equated with approx. 0.7%.
  2. 3.00% fixed year 2 or March CPI whichever is greater;
  3. and 2.75% fixed year 3 or March CPI whichever is greater; and
  4. All the matters are finalised by the end of November. (See below).
    1. That child care part-time employees will be offered weekly ongoing hours in a contract that are consistent with their last twelve-month average;
    2. That any child care workers that have been underpaid against the Children’s Services Award 2010 (MA000120) using the correct levels of classification will be addressed and back paid any monies due to them as statutory required;
    3. That any employee that has not been moved through the pay points of the EA, if the EA has required them to, will be moved and back paid as required;
    4. A draft EA within two weeks for review.

Here are some of the other agreed terms at bargaining:
Introduction of adverse/objectionable conditions allowances
Long Service Leave after 7 years and pro-rata accrual
Increase to on-call allowances
Increase to Saturday afternoon overtime rates
Inclusion of Kinship and member of employees household in the immediate family definition
Introduction of primary and secondary carers paid parental leave (PPL), paid lactation break and
superannuation paid on periods of PPL
Increase to Family Violence leave to 20 days paid
Payment of Working with Vulnerable People Checks
3 days of paid communicable disease leave for childcare workers
Improved transfer of business clause
Introduction of Dogcatcher relief pool allowance rate
Improved trainee/apprentice wage rates

This list is not exhaustive. The full claims tracker can be viewed here.

The next steps are over to you to review and vote on the Enterprise Agreement. We encourage all employees to read the document when circulated in coming weeks and to make sure you vote.

Reach out if you have questions.

Parental Leave Cover
Ken Richardson will be covering for ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor while she is on parental leave over the next 6 months. Ken has a wealth of experience working to represent union members. You are in good hands. You can contact Ken on or 0493 045 656.

Once again, congratulations on taking action and improving the offer!

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