Since THH management sent staff a directive in April to return to the office, delegates have been supporting members to access working from home arrangements (WFH). This has been difficult as Management appear to only provide minimal allowances for staff to WFH.  Your delegates have communicated to us the impact and we feel that the Management’s response is less than adequate.

We wrote to your CEO raising concerns for members adversely impacted requesting that the staff consultative committee be convened under your Agreement dispute process to resolve this issue.  ASU spoke with Simon prior to lock down and agreement to establish the Staff Consultative Committee was reached, your delegates are working to set this up. This lockdown highlights the imperative of discussions about working arrangements.

The consultative committee allows your delegates to engage with management around workplace matters. Delegates will communicate the dissatisfaction of staff around the handling of WFH. Through this committee we hope to rectify this issue.

When we wrote to THH we knew we were enjoying a local pandemic hiatus, but anticipated a future lock down. Many agencies have maintained WFH recognising this and the productivity and work life balance for workers. Some staff had WFH arrangements that predated the pandemic or believed they’d be continued. We understand the unhappiness at the lack of consultation and flexibility to accommodate those who wish to continue WFH and who do not meet THH’s criteria.

Members and service quality depend on good will. There is everything to be gained by working to ensure this is maintained.

We apologise for a lapse in communication with members after our original meeting on this issue.

Ask your colleagues to join the ASU today.

If you are impacted by this issue please email Adam Hynes or Daniel Bryen


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