The ASU has been made aware of a proposed change at Thorne Harbour Health to the Health Promotions Team.

The changes, which are outlined in the change impact statement provided to staff, will involve a ‘fill and spill’ process for existing staff where all positions are opened. The ASU is concerned about the impact this process may have on members.

In line with the consultation clause of the Thorne Harbour Enterprise Agreement (EA), we ask for members to contact us with concerns around this process so that we may provide consultation to THH management, and represent members interests during this period.

As consultation is open until Friday 4 June the ASU asks members to provide us with all feedback and to contact us with individual concerns by Wednesday 2 June in order to provide feedback on behalf of union members to THH.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Madeleine Henderson | 0409 677 506 |

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