Last bushfire season and the current pandemic have reminded us of the importance of Council services that are critical in supporting communities to protect health, safety and well-being, and workers’ critical role in emergency relief and recovery.

But underfunding of Council services is placing huge pressure on Council staff.

At some councils, we see contracting out, service cuts; record low pay increases; increased use of agency, temporary and casual staff; and vacant jobs going unfilled. Some workers prop up services by working unpaid overtime or are stressed because they can’t deliver the kind of service they know the community needs. And through the pandemic, casual workers have borne the brunt of poor management decisions.

Australia is reeling from the economic, social and health fallout of Covid-19, and the next fire season will be on us in months.

Right now strong frontline services are more essential than ever.

We need the Government to invest in Councils’ capacity to provide the services people rely on.

We want better funding for local government to make sure that communities get the services they rely on and council workers can deliver high-quality services they can be proud of.

We want council workers to be paid for all hours worked and to remove the artificial cap on wages & conditions in enterprise bargaining.

We want the Government to invest in services provided directly by council workers in permanent, secure jobs

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