As many of you would be aware negotiations for your new MEA have commenced with the first formal meetings taking place over the course of the last few weeks.

During the first round of meetings the ASU was provided the opportunity to present members claims to the bargaining committee and give a brief overview about each item.

Over the course of the next few meetings, we will be discussing in considerably more detail the merit of each claim and providing the opportunity for the bargaining committee to ask questions, and better understand the detail of our various claims.  Additionally, TWS will have the opportunity to discuss any issues they may choose to put on the table for consideration also.

It’s still early days. 

Whilst there’s still a considerable way to go and many discussions to be had, the debate is being conducted in an amicable and respectful environment with everyone agreeing that we all have the best interests of the employees and the organisation in mind when considering each item and ultimately the final outcome.

ASU members meeting

After the next bargaining meeting we intend to hold update meetings for ASU members to give you an overview of where things are up to and get feedback from you. We envisage this meeting being held on Wednesday 1 September at 1.00pm so please put a place holder in your calendar and a Zoom invite will follow in the coming days.

Join the ASU

Now is the best time to join the Union so we can get the best possible outcome by working collectively together. If you know someone that is not a member of the ASU, please encourage them to join today at

For more information please contact Kath Milbourne | | 0429 004 237

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