The insecurities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic have compounded the already insecure nature of work in the community services sector.  Most community services workers are now fixed term or casual and face an uncertain future as we start to emerge from what we hope is the worst of the pandemic.

The ASU recently made a series of proposals to the state government to address the insecure employment that is now a reality for most community sector workers.  You can see the proposal here

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for all workers but has had a disproportionally negative impact on women workers. Whilst we have not seen the sort of layoffs in the community services sector that we’ve seen in some other industries, community sector workers are working harder than ever, more often than not from home while also trying to juggle caring responsibilities.

Given that women workers have suffered the biggest impacts of the pandemic the ASU call on the state government not make the same mistake that the Morrison government made in their recent budget and ignore women workers.

Community sector workers need fair funding and secure employment if the state government are going to expect you to deliver the desperately needed services that you provide to Victorians.

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