The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly bad for women workers. Whether it’s women workers being laid off of having to carry the extra workload of a society struggling with the impacts of the pandemic in services like family violence, alcohol and other drugs, housing & homelessness, mental health or child and family services. This is happening at the same time as women having to work from home are simultaneously taking on the majority of any caring responsibilities.

Even though women workers have experienced the worst impacts of the pandemic, most of the economic stimulus measures announced by state and federal governments have been aimed at male-dominated industries.

The Andrews Government must use the upcoming state budget as an opportunity to better fund community sector services and announce measures to ensure that employment within community services is more secure.

Essential services, like the ones provided by community sector workers like you, cannot be sustainable with a workforce primarily employed on fixed-term or casual roles.

Recently the ASU submitted a proposal to the state government that recommended better funding for the community sector. It also included measures to make employment in the community services sector more secure.

You can download our submission here.

The upcoming state budget is arguably the most important in Victoria’s history. As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic we have a choice as a society.  We either snap back to the inequities and unfairness that many experienced before the pandemic, or we reassess what we most value in society and fund it.

The choice is yours, Mr Andrews. Women workers are watching!

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