On Thursday, many of you attended meetings in person or online to discuss your thoughts on the new EA offer from management. 

Below is a summary of what people said at those meetings. Do you agree with what people have said below?  

The next bargaining meeting will take place on Thursday 13 April. The feedback we receive before then is the feedback we will take to management. Read the notes below and let us know if you’ve got anything to add. 

Council says…  You say… 
No more 1% sign-on bonus. 

Instead, 1% added to year 1 pay offer. 

Members are happy with this – the sign-on bonus wouldn’t have advantaged members in the long-term. 
Backpay is still on the table.  Members are happy with this. 
Option for a 3-year or 4-year agreement.  Members prefer a 3-year agreement. 
Pay increases of: 

Year 1: 4% 

Year 2: 3% 

Year 3: 2% 

$35 per week or the percentage, whichever is higher. 

Members are not happy with this. 

It does not bring Melton up to parity with other growth-area councils. 

It still doesn’t cover the cost of inflation. 

Third-year offer is especially low. 

Other entitlements as per management email.  Members are happy with the minimum superannuation payment at $150. 

Members are happy with the inclusions. 

Most members don’t mind losing volunteer leave. 

Members are not happy with the losses to parental leave. Three weeks is not long enough for new parents to spend with their children. 


For further information or to become a Delegate please contact:
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