Accidents at work, whether they result in injury or not, are warnings that there are uncontrolled hazards. We want these hazards identified and removed from the workplace.

Experience tells us that for every serious accident, there are a greater number of minor accidents and near misses.

When a minor accident or near miss is ignored, the odds that a serious accident will occur increase.

Reporting a near miss increases safety awareness for you and your co-workers.

It is critically important that all injuries and accidents, including near misses, are reported so that they can be investigated, the causes determined and the risk eliminated.

Reporting hazards helps prevent additional injuries and increases workplace safety.

Making an incident report isn’t difficult. An example incident report can be viewed here.

For advice on making and incident report speak to your Health and Safety Rep, ASU Organiser or
ASU OH&S Officer Mick Vanbeek | 0438 133 363 |

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