The ASU is a union for people in diverse industries who deliver services that the community relies on every day – including in the energy industry.

Bargaining commenced on the next Aurora Energy Enterprise Agreement in May last year.

Since then, the union has continually put member’s priority of an increase in line with the cost of living before management.  This position of union members at Aurora Energy is especially important given their loss of conditions during the last Enterprise Agreement.

Each offer put by Aurora Energy to the employees has been rejected.

In a recent survey conducted by the ASU and employee bargaining representatives, employees overwhelmingly expressed how undervalued they feel, as well as their disappointment with management’s bargaining conduct.

If things do not improve at the next bargaining meeting, the ASU will be applying to the Fair Work Commission for a facilitated bargaining process before the Commission.

When you need it most, the ASU is your work insurance with expertise and clout to advocate for you.

Any queries, please contact ASU Organiser Karen Tantari on 0472 512 484 or via

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